About me

“You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should go do them.”

I know there are many amazing places in this world but I consider Noosa, Queensland a very special place to call home. My partner Rohan and I have three beautiful children and our focus is raising happy people. Our daughter Jess, is a third year psychology student and contributes a mountain of wonderful things to the universe. Our son Rory, referred to as ‘Boots’ is mad about sport and for him life is all about bats, balls and boots. Then there’s Lewis our very own superhero and ‘Blueberries’ are his favourite.

After spending a number of years at home with my children I decided in 2015 to commence university studies which is something I have always wanted to do. Since then I have completed a Diploma of Business and I am currently enrolled in the Diploma of Digital Media. I figure it best at this point in my life to compliment my many years experience in all aspects of business with a diverse set of new skills.

I work for a rapidly growing accounting firm that embraces technology and innovative ideas. It is the ideal working environment for me with plenty of opportunity to put my learning to practice. I thoroughly enjoy balancing study, work and family life although I will admit that some days are definitely better than others.




2 Replies to “About me”

  1. Very well done, this is a great introduction! I am fascinated by your blog name. I also like the way you used images throughout the introduction, playing with shapes and the black-and-white text box to break up your paragraph. I have to say I was stumped with your blog navigation, that is until I found the link to toggle the header. Great Job!

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