Week 10


Practical: Photo essay

Please find my photo essay here: Flattened for fun

Practical: Headline

Three alternative headlines of the Week 8 press release.

Assisting authorities in wake of violence – Since writing news headlines relies on accuracy, I have opted for an accurate statement of what is being actioned as a result of what has occurred at the event.

Security scrutinised at Brisbane event – This option is relevant, as the purpose of a news headline is to summarise the contents of the article, including the subject, verb, and object in a few short words.

Support for victims of vicious attack – It is vital to grab the attention of the audience with a headline which is my reason for choosing this one.

Technical: Quiz 10 – Punctuationtryandtryagain

After the excitement of getting full marks first go last week, this week was a let down. I found some of the questions a little more difficult and my result was 70%. After revisiting the chapter, particularly the correct use of apostrophe ‘s’, I managed 100% on my second attempt.


Hicks, W 2013, English for journalists, Routledge, Oxon.

Practise makes perfect 2015, digital image, Target Training Associates,viewed 5 October 2016, http://targettrg.co.uk/blog/view/practise-makes-perfect


3 Replies to “Week 10”

  1. Great post Tash! It is short and flows well making it easy to read. The link opens in a new tab which I find easy to navigate between the two.
    Your photo essay was engaging and Flat Elizabeth project is an awesome idea. The first sentence of your photo essay uses a comma after the word “project”. It would read better without this comma. I also referred to our text, English for Journalists p.74, for the use of a comma.
    Just from a personal interest point, the photo essay is about a weekend with Flat Elizabeth, so it would have been even more engaging for me if it was in a timeline style. Your Twitter posts were all in the one day. I was interested to know how you managed so many activities over the week-end 🙂
    The only other feedback I have is for your headline practical. The headlines are catchy, however, I received feedback in assessment one about not using and referencing to our texts more in the blog activities. Our study guide refers us to websites for writing headlines, so this maybe a good referencing point.
    Hope this helped

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