Week 8

Practical: Write a media release



2 June



FakeComicCon will conduct a full investigation into how twelve people were injured when a fight broke out today at the annual Brisbane Convention Centre event.

Eight people were transported to the Royal Brisbane Hospital, one of the injured has since been released.

Seven people remain in hospital including an 18-year-old male from Brisbane and a 23-year-old female from Townsville, both in a critical condition.

A Queensland Police spokesperson confirmed four people had been arrested on a range of charges related to weapons and assault.

FakeComicCon CEO, Casey Smith said our immediate thoughts are with those who have been injured and their families.

“We are working to provide support to the people involved.

“We will continue to assist the relevant authorities to ensure an incident of this nature is not repeated,” Mr Smith said.

The FakeComicCon series is an all-age event held in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth attended by international stars of television and film.

The event in Brisbane has run for three years, attracting more than 30,000 people last year without incident.

“I am very upset that this has happened.

“An incident such as this is not in the spirit of our event,” Mr. Smith said.

The FakeComicCon series aims to give people a safe place to come, play, and meet like-minded people.


For further information, contact Jenna Jones, Communications Manager on (07) 1234 5678.

Technical: Quiz 8 – Figures

Not quite 100% on my first attempt but I’m happy to have achieved 90%. I’m more literate than numerate but I’m working on it. I’m pleased I have a good understanding of chapter 11 and had no problems getting full marks on my second attempt.


Hicks, W 2013, English for journalists, Routledge, Oxon.

New York Comic-Con 2015, Cosplay gallery 2015, digital image, Gamezone, viewed 22 September 2016, http://www.gamezone.com/news/new-york-comic-con-2015-cosplay-gallery-3426147


5 Replies to “Week 8”

  1. Well written!
    I feel like i’m taking a lot of reassurance from this media release and that your main point is to address that nothing like this has happened before and how cooperative and willing FakeComicCon are.
    Well done 🙂


  2. Hey Tash,

    Like everyone else has said, you have a very well written media release 🙂

    Just one super tiny piece of advice:
    Your line introducing the CEO should include another comma after his name – FakeComicCon CEO, Casey Smith, said our… etc.

    But it’s a pretty minor error.

    Overall a great retake on the incident from FakeComicCon’s perspective.



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