Week 6

Practical A: Create a Storify article

The things that are most important to me 


I had a lot of fun completing this activity. I found it relatively easy and had no problems converting my blog story to tweets in order to create the Storify article. I initially spent time planning a sequence, followed by coordinating the tweets to achieve a good flow. It was great to see the story come to life and overall I am pleased with the result.

Practical B: Further event planning for the Storify article

I will be completing my assessment two report on the Peregian Beach Food & Fashion Fiesta. After speaking with the organiser today, it is anticipated 350 to 400 people will attend the September 7 event. While the crowd will be mostly local, it has in the past attracted people 13690835_970869783030769_8245287800019533383_nfrom all over the Sunshine Coast.

Held at the Peregian Beach Village, the event offers a two course lunch and a glass of Sparkling available from seven of the local restaurants. A fashion parade will showcase the latest Spring range from several resident boutiques as well as live music and raffle prizes. The event will also support the Noosa Nippers at Peregian Beach with part proceeds going towards ensuring the programs survival.

The day will be a celebration of all things local and an opportunity for the business community to promote themselves. Attendees will discover (if they’re not already aware) that Peregian Beach has a vibrant culture with incredible shopping, amazing food and a great sense of community spirit.

In order to give my story depth and interest, I plan to include the following:

Interviews – organiser, Vicki Cooper Peregian Beach Business Association Inc., VIP guests, Glenn Elmes MP, Member for Noosa, representative of Peregian Nippers, local business owners, prize winners; raffles and best dressed, attendees

Images – PB entry sign, brochure, PB Village set up, crowd, food and bubbles, happy attendees, Noosa Nippers club house (charity), beach

Videos – live entertainment, fashion parade

The structure of the story will take on the natural progression of the day. I plan to make it very visual supported by appropriate narration. I will use social media; Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as much as possible to give myself plenty to select from when creating the story. The coastal suburb of Peregian Beach is known for its eclectic mix of shore meets sophistication and I hope to convey this in my story.

Technical: Quiz 6 – Spelling

Chapter five, of English for Journalists, really interested me and I took my time to process the content. English is such a fascinating language but oh, so frustrating! This week, I achieved 100% after my second attempt. One very silly error, incorrectly selecting ‘the principle requirement of good communication is writing’ rather than ‘the principal (as in most important) requirement of good communication is writing’.

My second incorrect answer is as below. I’m not convinced this is actually an error as it seems to contradict the book and the feedback. Perhaps, it’s in the way it’s written but I look forward to finding out what others thought of this question.



Blog Activity – Week 5 Quiz 2016, Central Queensland University, viewed 22 August 2016   https://moodle.cqu.edu.au/mod/quiz/review.php?attempt=436362

Hicks, W 2013, English for journalists, Routledge, Oxon.

Peregian Food & Fashion 2016, digital image, Peregian Beach Business Association, viewed 31 July 2016, http://peregianbeach.org/foodandfashion


10 Replies to “Week 6”

  1. Completely agree with your assessment of question 6 (check out my quiz 6 reflections). I love the layout of this post. It is very visually engaging and your writing is spot on. In your last paragraph, I would consider starting a new paragraph at, “My second incorrect answer…”. Small thing but great blog!

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  2. I love your storify! it’s really well put together and the use of so many photos was really visually appealing and captured my attention. You seem to be very organised for your event as well, well done finding out all the organisers and people involved. One tip I have is to make sure you find out where all of these people will be on the day though as that’s something I forgot to do and then I couldn’t find them haha. Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi,
    I also included a screenshot of Question Six in my quiz review. The feedback doesn’t really seem to give an answer to the question. I’m glad it wasn’t just me.

    The event you chose sounds like it will be a great one to write a story about. I just want to point out two sentences for you to check:

    “After a few weeks of contemplating, I have finally decided to complete my assessment 2 [,] story on the Peregian Beach Food & Fashion Fiesta.”

    “The Fiesta [,] is particularly an occasion for the ladies, who enjoy a classy get together with friends.”

    I think the commas in brackets affect the flow of your sentence.


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  4. What a fantastic blog! I thoroughly enjoyed your Storify article, in fact it helped me out heaps too. When I saw you utilised Instagram along with videos and more imagery – I was impressed. Great job. Your planning for your next assignment is spot on too, good luck with everything!


    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi Tash,

    Great Storify piece!

    I couldn’t spot any redundancies between the writing and and the tweeted quotes.

    The piece was enjoyable to read and the combination of photos, tweets and your writing style gave some real ‘life’ to the story.
    Well done!


    Liked by 1 person

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