Week 5

Practical: Establish a Storify account


I had not heard of Storify prior to this course but on viewing the course exemplars I was immediately curious. The setting up of an account was a very simple process. I managed to easily browse through the latest stories, as expected, filled with Olympic coverage. But I did have a few questions. How and where does the Storify concept fit in the world of social media and who is the audience?

I was particularly confused after browsing the ABC News stories and coming across some stories that were simply a collection of images. I found this to be quite unprofessional and untidy in appearance. Again, I was left wondering. How is this platform a good reflection of journalism? Are my expectations are too high and is Storify all about getting spontaneous, unpolished idea out there? Perhaps, there are no rules.

Thankfully, after checking Dr Kate Ames’ profile and her stories, I had renewed faith. When used to its full potential, Storify can be a very clever and unique way of compiling and telling a story, especially for those who appreciate visual presentation.

You can find me on Storify here: https://storify.com/TashMuller


Inquiry: Social Media review


In a world surrounded by social media activity my personal favourite is definitely Instagram. The social networking app used by over 500 million people globally, offers a real-time opportunity to capture a moment through a photograph or video to share with family and friends. The special filters let the average photographer transform a simple mobile phone picture into a beautiful, long-lasting memory.

In my opinion, Instagram provides the sharing of positive, fun and inspiring experiences. Instagram also allows companies to connect with people interested in their products. My own feeds are filled with wholesome eating, fitness and design ideas accessing all the latest and greatest in things that motivate me.

As part of my blog for this course, I recently opened a second Instagram account, which is publicly available. The main reason for doing this was to add another element of interest to my blog, it also allows for my personal account to separated and private.

You can find me on Instagram here: bootsandblueberries


Technical: Quiz 5 – Grammar: 10 Common Mistakes


I did it, 100% on my first attempt at the quiz this week and I’m a little excited. Chapter three was by far the most familiar I had been with the content in this book. It was a great opportunity to refresh the rules and while I was confident I would do well, I took my time in order to achieve the result.



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14 Replies to “Week 5”

  1. Hi Jess,
    I enjoyed reading your Week 5 blog.
    I think your writing is awesome and I must say I am glad to be in the study group with you. I agree Instagram is a very positive platform compared to others with majority of posts being fun, inviting and or inspiring.
    Oh plus a lot of food pictures. A great for platform for people to share their passions.

    I noticed one small typo. The 2nd paragraph. – (My expectation were too high).
    Kind Regards


  2. Well written, I too struggled to make an instant connection with Storify. I think I’ll have more appreciation of it once I get more hands on with the second assessment.
    Instagram is also good for business as certain pages get paid for gaining more followers/traffic to certain accounts. I personally think Facebook is just about Ad’s and word vomit this days, Instagram can say a thousand words with a image or video. Great work on the quiz too!!! First go!! Jealous!


  3. Hi Tash, this is a well written and insightful piece, although I found the length a bit much to digest at 6 in the morning and no sleep. Congratulations on getting 100% on your quiz, that is awesome. I have never used Instagram or Pinterest, but I do like my Facebook and Deviant Art site. I completely understand your point about Storify, however, I can see the applications for amateur and professional writers. I did pick up on one error, first line (I think) ‘viewing the course exemplars’. Is this supposed to be examples…? Other than that, nice one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good morning Kellie, thanks for the feedback, I realise the length of my blogs are a problem particularly at 6am! Good luck with your assessment and hopefully you’ll catch up on some sleep eventually. It was nice to hear from you so early, glad I’m not the only one drowning in assessments. Take care. Tash


      1. Good morning, Yeh I hear you. I have two assignments due. I finished and submitted Ass1 for Poetry at about 4 this morning. Now I’m just waiting for my peer reviews to get approved so I can finish up and submit.


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