Week 4

Practical: Interview two people and write their speech as a news report

Sister, Angela Cummins, 41 – “Organised chaos, is how I would describe my life.”


My sister and my son had some differences on the things that are most important to them.

Seven year old, Rory Ramsden said rugby, family and his best mate Charlie are the most important things to him.

The Noosa Dolphins under sevens player said that he loves to run and score tries.

“Unlike dancing, rugby is fun.

“I get to hang out with my mates and meet people,” Rory said.

Rory attended his first rugby test match in June this year where he watched his favourite Wallabies player Israel Folau score a try.

“I hope to play for the Wallabies one day.

“I just want to play rugby until I’m an old man,” Rory said.

Rory also lists his family as most important to him because apparently, we are the best cheer squad.

“I love you and dad for driving me to rugby each week.

“You give the best kisses and cuddles,” he said.

Recently, Rory has had to adjust to life without regular cuddles from his older sister, Jess, who is studying in Townsville.

“I miss hanging out with her.

“When Jess calls she asks me lots of questions, she’s still very bossy,” he said.

Rory’s enthusiasm for the things most important to him amplifies when talking about his best mate Charlie.

“Charlie likes all the same things I do, that’s why he’s my best mate.

“He is better than me at sport and has the best Nerf guns but I don’t mind,” Rory said.

According to Rory, as long as Charlie doesn’t take up sumo wrestling they will always be friends.

My sister on the other hand said that the most important things to her are the people around her, shared experiences and a good cup of tea.

Forty-one old, Angela Cummins revealed how she had recently had a stark reminder of how valuable family and friends are.

Angela lost her mother in-law to cancer last month, which highlighted to her the importance of surrounding yourself with good people.

“Joan taught us all to be better people.

“Going through difficulties together helps you appreciate your loved ones,” Angela said.

The mother of three believes developing solid relationships during good times means you have a network of support when times are tough.

“Tight bonds are created when we share experiences.

“We are all busy but investing time in each other is important,” she said.

The stay at home mum and business owner is one busy lady.

“Organised chaos, is how I would describe my life.

“I’ve come to accept that there are things I can’t change and I’ve learnt to be OK with that,” she said.

While there’s never enough time in the day, Angela always finds five minutes to grab a cup of tea and sit in silence.

“I want to enjoy the moment.

“I just try and shut my brain down and not think about what’s next,” she said.

We all need to remember our own well-being, Angela said and find a happy balance.


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I interviewed my son at home and he was definitely the easier interview out of the two. I asked questions in very simple terms and while he did not have a lot to say, he responded with just enough substance for me to get some interesting things down.

My sister who I interviewed over the phone, always has plenty to say. I ended up with three pages of scribble but struggled to create a story. This was very much due to the lack of direction with the questions I asked.

It was interesting to see how simple questions are more likely to lead to simple answers. In both my interviews it quickly became obvious I was under prepared. I wrongly assumed the story would evolve into something interesting.

The exercise made me to realise the importance of research and planning. Interviewing family members allowed me to fill in a few blanks in order to add detail to the story. This is a luxury you clearly don’t have when interviewing strangers.


Technical: Quiz 4 – Reporting Speech

Oh dear, 70% my worst result yet. Despite the chapter being brief and tword-bubble-speech-bubble-with-person-pointing-up-clip-art-high-quality-clip-arthe content not too difficult to comprehend, it appears I really missed some key points.

I realised, from the feedback of my incorrect answers, in particular question three, that more than one technical factor may need to be considered when selecting the correct answer. I certainly need to think a little more about my responses.

Despite being disappointed in my results week to week, for me, the quiz is proving a very beneficial way of learning the content. The feedback is extremely helpful and sees me return to the areas of the chapter I did not fully understand the first time.




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  1. Great blog, you met all the requirements for this weeks task and I love it. How you structured the blog was succinct and enjoyable to read – like a professional! Only question I have is, are we to reference our interviewee in a reference list on our blog? Great job.


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