Week 2

Practical: Register a Twitter account

While I had heard of Twitter I did not have an account prior to this course. The process of setting up an account was easy. Although, I was not at all convinced Twitter would be of any interest to me outside this course. How wrong I was.

Twitter forced me to connect with people outside my immediate network since not many of my friends have accounts. I was amazed at the access of instant news and current information. My whole world began to open up by connecting with people I admired and respected.

You can find me here: twitter.com/bootsandbluebs

Accounts I follow:

  1. @Kate_Ames – Academic in Media and Communication
  2. @Lee_DiMilia – Dean, School of Business and Law, CQU
  3. @MartinTurner12 – Senior Lecturer in Accounting, CQU
  4. @gillespi – Author
  5. @rupertmccall – Author, Wordsmith, Poet and Presenter
  6. @DrSandraCabot – MD
  7. @MaryanneDemasi – PhD, Presenter and Producer of ABC Catalyst
  8. @MCG58 – Child and Adolescent Psychologist
  9. @hughriminton – Foreign Correspondent and Political Editor
  10. @jnlosullivan – Managing Director of Tourism Australia

Inquiry: Review the top Twitter trends of the day


There is little doubt that social media has had a major impact on the way we receive news. Instant reporting and continuous updates is what many of us have come to expect. The social media platform Twitter has become an integral part of breaking news, live event coverage, campaign advertising and of course celebrity gossip.

As a Twitter newbie with a strong sense of curiosity, I eagerly anticipated investigating the top Twitter trends. Although, as I sifted through the top stories of my local area Brisbane, on July 22, 2016, I quickly realised much of what was trending was of little interest to me. In fact, I felt I had perhaps made an error in my search. #Madfie, #ShaadiBoysSecrets and #KabaliDay were especially foreign to me. Perhaps this was a direct reflection of how disengaged I am from Twitter.

Brisbane Trends

Thankfully, being a keen Brumbies rugby union supporter #BRUvHIG more than peaked my interest. I found myself anxiously stalking Twitter accounts and tracking all things #BRUvHIG. The Twitter commentary did not disappoint and the likes of Radio Hauraki’s tweet during the game made a fascinating change from the usual TV coverage.


The use of Twitter in promoting the game was also evident as both teams, players, sponsors as well as media outlets made full use of their Twitter following.

Capture 7

On July 17, #knockoff4kickoff made its first appearance on Twitter. The hashtag, initiated by the Brumbies was designed to encourage Canberrans to leave work early to attend the game. The online campaign had enough impact to make it newsworthy. A tweet by ACT Chief Minister, Andrew Barr played a significant factor in this developing story which featured in the Canberra Times on July 21. It is a prime example of how tweets can often initiate news stories. The story was further shared via social media including Twitter 1.6K times, proving the strength of this combined relationship.


The unique correlation between news stories and Twitter (and other forms of social media) appears to be the driving force in our ability to instantly absorb what is happening around us. This was evident during the Brumbies v Highlanders game where my local online news service brisbanetimes.com.au ran live updates. As a first time reader of online commentary, I thought it was a rather intense way of processing a rugby match. It was informative, lighthearted and captured some interesting outsider perspectives such as this snapshot of a tweet from @steve_I15.

Capture 1

As the full time score invaded Twitter’s @BrumbiesRugby and #BRUvHIG, my reflection on following the top Twitter trends ended on a sour note. My experience in keeping up with tweets and incorporating news developments was an all consuming, insightful exercise that left me totally exhausted. Therefore, it is possibly not something I would make a habit of.


Technical: Quiz 2 – Grammar Rules

I freely admit that I am one of those people who silently corrects the grammar of others. Come to think of it, I’m not that silent about it. I appreciate correct spelling and grammar and struggle with the thought of using anything less, even in a text message. Yes, I really should get a life.

On reading chapter two of Hicks’, English for Journalists, I found his technical dissection of English grammar mind boggling. In high school, my favourite subject was English and I was able to cement the basics fairly well. This book, however, introduces a whole other level of expertise.76565de314a7ac93ac5a9f5ccdf9331f

Nevertheless, having enjoyed reading the chapter I was hopeful for a good mark in the quiz. My initial attempt resulted in only 80% and it left me questioning myself. Exactly, what authority did I have to be a ‘Grammar Nazi’?

I realised, going over the questions, my first incorrect answer was a careless error. Perhaps, squeezing the quiz in while cooking dinner was my first mistake. Excuses aside, the second incorrect answer regarding the correct use of commas had me going back to the textbook for further reading. I anxiously attempted the quiz again and this time, thankfully, achieving full marks.

Overall, I am enjoying learning the technical side of writing. Although, as someone with limited natural writing ability, being structurally precise contributes yet another added pressure. I guess, as with most things the more you write the easier it becomes.


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Brumbies [BrumbiesRugby} 2016 ‘Fulltime The Brumbies unable to score at the death, the Highlanders run out 15-9 victors. #BRUvHIG’ Tweet, 22 July, viewed 22 July 2016, https://twitter.com/BrumbiesRugby/status/756425202062327808?lang=en

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Radio Hauraki [RadioHaurakiNZ] 2016, ‘Every @Highlanders fan right now… #BRUvHIG’, Tweet, 22 July, viewed 22 July 2016, https://twitter.com/RadioHaurakiNZ/status/756424129335562240

Sibthorpe, C 2016, ‘Brumbies vs Highlanders: Businesses letting staff go early for Super Rugby quarter-final’, Canberra Times, 21 July, viewed 21 July, http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/brumbies-vs-highlanders-businesses-letting-staff-go-early-for-super-rugby-final-20160721-gqae23.html

Synergy Group [SynergyGroupAus] 2016, ‘#knockoff4kickoff tonight and watch @BrumbiesRugby in their home final against the Highlanders! See you there!’ Tweet, 21 July, viewed 22 July 2016, https://twitter.com/SynergyGroupAus/status/756277836630155264 

Polkinghorne, D 2016, ‘Live Super Rugby scores: Brumbies v Highlanders, qualifying final 2016, Canberra Stadium’, Brisbane Times, 22 July, viewed 22 July 2016, http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/rugby-union/rugby-union-match-centre/live-super-rugby-scores-brumbies-v-highlanders-qualifying-final-2016-canberra-stadium-20160722-gqbm51.html?sortOrder=LATEST

Yagoda, B 2012, The Most Comma Mistakes, digital image, The New York Times, viewed 26 July 2016, http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/05/21/the-most-comma-mistakes/?_r=1


4 Replies to “Week 2”

  1. Well, I have one word for this blog….IMPRESSIVE!! I must say that this is a very well done blog entry and a credit to its author. Even though I must admit to not being a big fan of rugby I was still kept very entertained by your writing. I’m sure you will see a big fat HD on your grades at the end of term for this subject. Fantastic referencing and just an all over outstanding job. So much more than just well done it’s exemplary! Your use of Tweets with photos really made it visually pleasing as well as interesting. I hope to be able to do my work to such a high standard as your own, but I am a bit technically challenged I’m sorry to say. I will need to do more research on how you embed tweets and videos etc into our blogs to bring myself up to speed.
    Good luck with the rest of term, (not that you need it when you are so skilled already!)
    Catherine J Knight

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Catherine for taking the time to read my blog and make comment. I very much appreciate your kind words. Not sure about you but I find blogging quite a daunting experience and writing certainly doesn’t come naturally to me. For me, it is much easier to make a page look pretty! Feel free to email me if you need some technical assistance although trial and error is generally how I get by. I look forward to reading your work. Best wishes. Tash

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi,

    I will direct quote Catherine: Catherine said ‘Well, I have one word for this blog….IMPRESSIVE!!’

    Thank you for sharing your interests and reflective thoughts with us all. And! it was also wonderful to read that you found some local tweets on your thread.

    I really enjoyed reading all your blog posts. When I log into twitter, I will also follow you there.


    Liked by 1 person

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